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CooperVision has teamed up with Optometry Giving Sight with a goal of delivering 100,000 eye health screening programmes in the developing world. We call it 'One Bright Vision'.

'One Bright Vision' - the foundation.

CooperVision's brand promise is to bring a refreshing perspective that creates real advantages for customers and wearers.

However, we believe our responsibility goes further. As a leading global manufacturer of contact lenses, we believe that everybody should have the opportunity to benefit from the gift of sight. This is why we have teamed up with Optometry Giving Sight, a global optical charity that looks to transform lives through the gift of vision.

'One Bright Vision' - 100,000 eye health screenings.

CooperVision is supporting the comprehensive child (7-12 years) eye health programme in Bagamoyo District, Tanzania. Our goal is to raise £60,000 over a 12-month period1 which will support 100,000 eye health screenings.

The programme will run until the end of 2013 and is working via Optometry Giving Sight through its implementation partner, The Brien Holden Vision Institute (BHVI).

BHVI envisages a programme that will embed child eye health into the existing School Health Programme with the ultimate goal of fully integrating child eye health services into the national school health programme. The project will also work at strengthening and developing the capacity of existing government structures in the district to deliver the service; in particular the Bagamoyo District Hospital Vision Centre.

In the absence of a functioning school health programme, 200 school teachers will be trained in basic child eye health. Two teachers per school will be trained in basic eye diseases in children (such as trachoma and allergic conjunctivitis) and visual acuity measurements.


Those school children failing the eye assessments will be referred to their closest District health facility or Vision Centre. Each school will compile an action plan of how children referred will be facilitated in accessing further eye health care. Follow up mechanisms will also be put in place at school, at home and at the health facilities to support the children, parents and guardians of the children referred. As teachers are already based within schools, eye health assessments can be conducted annually.

You can help make it happen.

Every pack of contact lenses sold can help to make a difference. CooperVision will make a contribution2 for each pack of products sold within the Biofinity family, including Biofinity, Biofinity toric and Biofinity multifocal*.

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* Base products.
1 November 1 2012 to October 31 2013
2 For every contact lens sold, CooperVision will donate 0.15 cent euro to Optometry Giving Sight.